At Brant Pain Relief Clinic, you’ll find something different, starting with some answers. The corrective care we provide doesn’t just rid you of your acute pain; it approaches the root of the problem. Our unique assessment and treatment method identifies the underlying source of your pain so we can solve your actual problem and not just treat the collateral pain that you feel.


Our doctors are highly trained and experienced to assess each individual for a successful outcome.


Based on our assessment, you may need Bioflex Laser Therapy, Structural Care or a combination of both treatments.

Pain free can be a reality with the correct treatment.

Are you ready to try something different?

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Watch and learn how Brant Pain Relief Clinic will get you on the road to

a pain free lifestyle.

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What is Advanced BioStructural Correction?

How can it help me?


Dr. Guy Pelletier explains how ABC works and how it differs from other forms of spinal adjustment.

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"I did it to prove Brant Pain Relief wrong, that they can't fix me, and right out of the gate I saw improvement and thought wow, these guys are 40 minutes from my house and I'd been traveling internationally trying to get help."

- Tim Rodgers

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Complimentary Therapies

Brant Pain Relief can also provide effective Massage Therapy, and EndoNasal Treatment.

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